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2x COFFIN Beads | EDC | Lanyard | Shoe Lace Art

2x COFFIN Beads | EDC | Lanyard | Shoe Lace Art

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2x Beads per order - one with black outline, one with black center.

approx 2cm tall.

Ideal for beards, EDC decor, Shoe laces, or even hanging from guitars & whatever else you can tie them on!

3D printed in resin, finished with Blk3.0 paint, and beeswax balm

The hole in each bead is approx 8mm.

These products have been handmade, and hand finished with an intention to look rough & ready, 'witness marks' from printing have been left to display.
Please consider that 3D printed (UV cure) resin can be brittle if mistreated, and is considered toxic if consumed.

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